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Neohumanist Education for Personal Development and Social Transformation

  • 14 Apr 2014
  • 18 Apr 2014
  • Caracus, Venezuela


It is a great pleasure to invite you all to our first conference about Neohumanist Education and the emerging global Gurukula University, to be held in Venezuela. The conference will bring together leading educators and project coordinators from around the world who will share their vast experiences and innovative knowledge.

The Conference Aims are to:

offer an introduction to the concepts and ideals of NHE to Venezuelan society as well to the Latin-American countries.

bring together and connect NHE educators and project coordinators in this part of the world.

give an opportunity for interested academics to connect with the global Gurukula University development.

Background of Education in Venezuela:

In the past few years education has been made more accessible to the Venezuelan people; illiteracy has been almost eradicated. There is a search for new revolutionary ideas to bring about a more just and egalitarian society. In all public schools the children are provided free food. The Venezuelan system of teaching music to maximum number of children, even in the barrios, is well recognized worldwide. The children receive an instrument to take home so they can practice at home. The world renowned director Dudamel was trained through this system. The education system in Venezuela could greatly benefit from the holistic and spiritual view of Neohumanism and the social and economic aspects of the PROUT.

The Venue:

The conference will be held at the beautiful PROUT Institute in Caracas which is located near the Avila Mountains with a lot of green areas and a terrace with a view of the whole city of Caracas. Basic and comfortable accommodation and vegetarian meals are included in the price which is $100 for Latin America and $200 for other countries.

For more information or to register, please contact Didi Ananda Amegha

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