Global Association of Neohumanist Educators

Global Association of Neohumanist Educators

The Global Association of Neohumanist Educators is a membership association for the professional development of Neohumanist educators worldwide, strengthening our global network of educational institutions and coordinating and promoting Neohumanist education and research on the regional and international level.   Whether working in Schools, Institutes, Yoga Academies,  Prout Institutes, Colleges/Universities,  Master Units, Wellness Centers, Neohumanist Centers, etc., or related independent scholars and researchers, GANE brings together all NHE Educators on a common platform.


•    To provide platforms for dialog and exchange among Neohumanist educators around the globe
•    To provide a searchable directory of GANE members and associated NHE institutions
•    To publish books, magazines, papers, articles, newsletters etc.
•    To organize higher educational courses, training and ongoing professional development courses for adults
•    To organize resources / libraries for use by GANE members.
•    To facilitate collaboration for projects to demonstrate the practical implementation of NHE 
      education and to promote  research for these projects. 
•    To realize  interdisciplinary collaborations with those  active in the field of education
•    To organize  events that promote interactions among different members and specialists in the field
•    To represent NHE in a variety of  educational bodies and networks
•    To advocate for the adoption of NHE principles in public policies

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